Drought & Water Scarcity Programme Conference

Partners from the Historic Droughts project are heading to Oxford next week (27th-28th June) to the first Drought & Water Scarcity Programme conference at St Anne's College, Oxford. The conference will bring researchers from the four Drought & Water Scarcity Programme projects (DRY, Historic Droughts, IMPETUS and MaRIUS) for the first time. The agenda allows plenty of time for discusssion on hydrological and climate modelling, drought impacts and social sciences and hummanities - themes common to all four projects. There is also time for discussion of the overarching programme coordination in both plenary and interactive sessions. More detailed presentation of analysis from the four projects will be available in several poster sessions, in which Historic Droughts is well represented

We look forward to meeting researchers from the other projects and hearing about all the work that has been done in the first 18 months of the projects!  

Find out more about the Programme and other projects here