Drought termination in the UK has been assessed for the first time

Simon Parry’s (CEH & Loughborough University) paper, “” was published on 20th October in Hydrology & Earth System Sciences.

Building on previous work to develop an improved approach for defining and characterising drought termination (), this paper identifies 467 drought terminations in 52 observed river flow records in the UK. This chronology provides an unprecedented historical perspective on drought termination in the UK. Spatially coherent events in 1995-98 and 2009-12 are examined in greater depth and the inventory helps to place individual events within a long-term context. Potential linkages are explored between drought termination characteristics and both catchment properties and the preceding drought. Although moderate negative relationships are found between duration of drought termination and both elevation and catchment average rainfall, for a given catchment there is substantial variability between individual events. The paper also provides an objective re-appraisal of the recent 2012 termination event, in the Thames catchment finding several comparable events in the pre-1930 record.

 Parry, S.; Prudhomme, C.; Wilby, R.; Wood, P.: 2016. . Progress in Physical Geography, doi:.