A number of tools have been developed as part of the Historic Droughts project to view and explore the hydrometeorological, socio-economic and regulatory data developed and gathered within the project.

The Reconstructed Flow Explorer

Explore the reconstructed flow data produced for the Historic Droughts Project. The flow simulations are available for 303 UK catchments from 1891 to 2015, and were produced using the GR4J hydrological model. The app shows the model evaluation scores, model parameters as well as the daily flow data in a series of interactive maps and graphs.

Find out more about the Reconstructed Flow Explorer here 

The UK Hydrological Drought Explorer

 View the Standardised Streamflow Index (SSI) for 303 catchments across the UK and explore the droughts identified from the SSI, their characteristics and ranks according to their duration and severity in the UK Hydrological Drought Explorer. You can also view the uncertainty in the reconstructed SSI for a selection of catchments. 

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Historic Droughts Inventory Explorer

Explore the Historic Drought Inventory data from a range of sources, including newspapers, legislation, policy, regulation, websites and reports. 

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D-Risk is an intuitive and free online webtool to help farming enterprises rapidly understand their business and drought abstraction risks and thereby support robust decisions regarding future investment in irrigation infrastructure, including equipment and storage reservoirs.

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The Agriculutral Drought Impacts Explorer

Explore the drought references from agricultral media in the agriculutral Drought Impacts Explorer. 

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The UK Drought Portal

A web-based tool for interactive, high-resolution drought mapping and time series plotting in near-real-time using the Standardised Precipitation Index (SPI).

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The UK Water Resources Portal

An extension of the UK Drought Portal co designed with stakeholders with:

  • Raw data and standardised drought indicators
  • Flexible time series plotting capabilities
  • Multiple variables to assess different types of drought:
  • Rainfall
  • River flows (including real time flows from the Environment Agency Hydrology data service)
  • COSMOS-UK live soil moisture

Further planned developments include groundwater levels, earth observations and modelled soil moisture.

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