You can read about more of our project activities and analysis on this page, we will try to update it regularly.

Extending our historical weather and climate records

Rainfall February 1891

Mark McCarthy from the National Climate Information Centre at the Met Office explores newly digisted rainfall data going back to the 1980s, looking at the wettest and driest months on record - which are seperated by only 12½ years occurring in 1872 and 1887, respectively. Recovered data will be used in Historic Droughts to reconstruct riverflows and groundwater levels, and once they are formally documented will become part of the official Met Office national climate series. Read more here.


Blooming Marvels in Belfast 

Freeze-thaw Ice

Rebecca Pearce is working to collate over 100 oral histories focussing on both drought and water scarcity. She is attempting to capture a broad spectrum of water scarcity events from across the UK and at the start of December is going to Belfast to hear about the 2010 freeze-thaw event that left 21,500 properties without water. Read about her upcoming trip here.