Historic Droughts is one of four projects funded by the RCUK Drought and Water Scarcity Programme. The interdisciplinary Drought and Water Scarcity Programme is funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council, the Economic and Social Research Council, the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council and the Natural Environment Research Council. The programme aims to improve decision making in drought and water scarcity events by providing research that identifies, predicts and responds to the complex interactions between the drivers and impacts of droughts. The other three projects funded by the RCUK Drought and Water Scarcity Programme are:



Improving predictions of drought to inform user decisions


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Managing the risks, uncertainties of drought and water scarcity

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Developing a narrative-science resource in a multi-stakeholder decision-making utility for drought risk management.

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Other closely linked projects include:

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The international Belmont Forum-funded DrIVER (Drought Impacts: Vulnerability thresholds in monitoring and Early-warning Research) project aims to improve drought monitoring and early warning by better understanding the link between physical drought indicators and drought impacts. 

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