Compile environmental science, socio-economic and regulatory historical data related to drought the UK in a range of sectors


Without data for historic droughts we cannot apply and develop the Conceptual Framework or the Drought Inventory, both of which will aid a systems based understanding of droughts


Compilation of data and metadata across each sector:

1975-1976 Drought - historic rainfall


The characteristics of historic droughts will be reconstructed using meteorological (rainfall) and hydrological (river flow and groundwater levels) datasets using a novel modelling framework.

Hurstwood Reservoir 2010-2012 drought


Public water supply systems will be reconstructed and their performance during past drought events assessed.  




Quantitative (e.g. yield data) and qualitative (e.g. survey results) will be combined to understand the impact of drought on the agricultural sector as well as how farmers have adapted their businesses to limit the impact of drought.


1976 Drought Act



The evolution of the legal and economic regulatory framework for drought will be traced backwards to understand how the regulatory tools available to manage droughts have changed over time.

Corpus analysis of press coverage of historical drought events


Oral histories and language analysis from historic and recent print media will capture the social and cultural aspects of drought.



Knowledge base of historic droughts in the UK covering a wide range of sectors